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Healing, Wellness and Development for the Mind and Soul

Mental Health Counseling

Live Well provides a variety of therapeutic services to meet the needs of clients and promote behavioral and spiritual wellness. Whether relationship/marriage problems, depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, trauma, career issues, mid-life change or other matters of life , Live Well can help. As a pastor of 25 years and licensed mental health counselor, Blair offers a great depth of experience, skills and empathy. Specialties include but are not limited to PTSD, spirituality issues, depression, sex addiction, divorce recovery, relationship issues, anxiety, career, grief, anger and life change. 


In-Home and Video Counseling are also available. 

Songs for Worship and Wellness

Blair has written over 100 songs for worship and personal enjoyment. Peace Be Yours is published both in Chalice Praise and The Best of the Best in Contemporary Christian Worship Music. He has produced three CD's of original music. 

For Churches and Clergy

Through coaching and counseling, and organization development spirituality and the behavioral sciences are integrated to bring wholeness to individuals, relationships and organizations..

Presentations and Programs

Blair has spoken to and led groups from 8 to 450 people. He is available to speak at an event, preach at worship, offer a workshop in an area of church ministry or on a topic of wellness. 


Blair's first book is The God You've Always Wanted to Believe In. It was written to help people who have learned a skewed and unhealthy image of God. Blair presents a biblical image of a God is unconditonally loving, creative, nurturing and healing. In the works are Forgive for LifeCareer Fit  and tools for help with sexual unhealth. 

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