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A Divorce Support and Recovery Group

  • Are you recently divorced? 

  • Struggling to get through the feelings of loss, anger and more?

  • Experiencing isolation?  

  • Wanting someone to listen? 

  • ​Need to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

A support/growth group for people recovering from divorce is to begin in June. This will be a 10 week experience. Blair A’Hearn, licensed mental health counselor, director of Live Well will facilitate the group.


The approach for group process will be holistic, addressing various facets of life including spirituality and faith. Each session will include learning about the divorce recovery process, discussion, individual sharing and group support. The book, “Rebuilding” by Bruce Fisher will be used as a primary resource.


The group will meet each week for one 90 – 105 minute session. The specific day and time of the week is to be determined. It will be limited to 10 people. For registration or further information go to the contact page.

Men's Sexual Wellness Support and Recovery Group

Unhealthy sexual practices are a growing problem and concern for many men and their spouses or partners. Addiction to pornography is increased particularly due to the availability of it on the internet. Other forms of compulsive and obsessive behavior include strip clubs, massage parlors, sex for pay, random hookups and affairs. 

Men who are caught in this cycle of behavior realize at some point that it is destructive to themselves, their relationships, jobs and more. Yet as with any addiction, the addict struggles to be free of this behavior. Shame sets in and the cycle goes deeper and becomes more and more destructive.

If you are caught in this destructive cycle and cannot free yourself, Live Well's Sexual Wellness Support Group may be for you. Using current therapeutic approaches and the most effective resources, along with others who struggle as well you can find the support, encouragement, knowledge and coaching you need to find freedom from the control of this debilitating disease. 

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