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Internet Video Counseling
In-Home Counseling

For some people it is a struggle to simply leave your home. Or you may desire the privacy that in-home counseling provides. Live Well believes that the barriers you live with should not limit your getting help. If you live in NW Indiana Blair can come to your home. While there are additional fees, it will be worth your finding the relief and hope you have been needing. Please call or email for further information. 

Video Counseling is a form of counseling that may suit your particular needs. If travel or time is restricted, internet video counseling is convenient, confidential and effective. There are two options available, Tele-medicine and Tele-health. .

  • Tele-medicine, may be covered by your insurance carrier. In this scenario you would actually go to another local provider and be in a room at their facility in which you and I would video counsel. You would likely be responsible for a small additional copay to that provider.  In the case of Blue Cross for example that would be $24. Your usual copay and process for payment/reimbursement would be as it has been for Live Well.

  • The other option is called Tele-health. In this scenario you could video counsel with Blair from the comfort of your home. This would involve direct or out of pocket payment from you to Live Well. You may inquire with your insurance carrier as to whether they will reimburse you for your costs. 

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