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Live Well provides a variety of therapeutic services to meet the needs of clients and promote behavioral

and psycho-spiritual wellness. Medical services are not provided and medication is not prescribed. Your

Live Well therapist may administer mental health assessments, however you may be referred to other

consultants for testing or to a medical doctor for further assessment or medication. 

​You are receiving therapy voluntarily and are free to end therapy at any time. You have a right to be fully

informed regarding the benefits or potential problems associated with any therapy methods you receive. 


Particular therapy approaches will be recommended by your therapist, and together you will create a treatment plan. You and your therapist will work cooperatively to resolve your difficulties, but there is no assurance as to the results of your treatment.  Sessions will continue until you and your therapist conclude that therapy is no longer necessary or of benefit to you.  



Professional Mental Health Counseling

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