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The God You've Always Wanted to Believe In

The God You've Always Wanted to Believe In is written for the many people who live with the unhealthy consequences of a skewed perception of God. The church, families and society have often contributed to this. In contrast, a healthy and theologically grounded understanding of God brings healing and wholeness to people. Through personal stories, living illustrations, interpretation of scriptures, and support from psychology and sociology you will find in these pages that vision of God. God is one whose being and actions are characterized by unconditional love, compassion, mercy, justice, forbearance and forgiveness; a God who comes to us, loves us in the midst of that brokenness and fills us with healing and heals us.

Price     $15.00        To order, email us with your request, or purchase on Amazon here.




Audio clips coming soon.

  • Songs for the Worshiping Community
  • Songs for Weddings
  • Original Christian CD's



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