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Client Rights

Bill of Rights

As an individual receiving services, you have the following rights:

  • To be treated with consideration, respect and genuine care.

  • To receive quality treatment regardless of race, religion, sex, age, ethnic background, mental and/or physical disabling condition, or ability to pay.

  • To be provided confidentiality and protection from any unwarranted disclosure regarding your treatment.

  • To be involved in planning your treatment and to be informed about your treatment process.

  • To be involved in your discharge and aftercare planning.

  • To refuse treatment to the extent permitted by the law and to be informed about the possible consequences of your action.

  • To expect continuity of care from one therapist to another, should you choose to transfer to another therapist.

  • To review and discuss your records with your therapist upon written request to the Executive Director.

  • To examine and have explained the bill for your services.

  • To issue a grievance by first attempting to work out any issue with your therapist during your sessions.  If your efforts together do not address the issue satisfactorily then you may file a grievance with the Indiana Board of Behavioral Health and/or consult your attorney. All efforts will be made to satisfactorily address any situation where we have responsibility.


Live Well staff will not release information about you to anyone without your written permission.  All adults in attendance for any part of therapy must sign a release before information may be released to a third party. Insurance companies typically require information before approving payment for sessions. 
Your therapist may consult with other professionals only with your written consent, keeping your identify in strict confidence.
All clerical documents and procedures will also be kept in strict confidence.  If your spouse or family member wants information about your progress, with your permission, they may come to a session where you are present.
Exceptions to confidentiality which, by law, require your therapist to reveal information about you to the proper authorities include the following:
a specific threat to your life or the life of someone else,
known or suspected abuse or neglect of a child or dependent adult, and
a court subpoena.
Your therapist will attempt to speak with you prior to releasing information in the above circumstances.

Matters of the Court

Live Well therapists do not testify in court cases. Our role is to help in therapeutic ways. We will utilize various psychological assessments as necessary. However, we do not provide psychological evaluations to the court system.

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